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"We Cannot Wait Any Longer 12.5.12
"It Is Now Time to Address the Transportation Funding Challenge. We Cannot Wait Any Longer."
In remarks today to Virginia's annual Governor's Transportation Conference, Governor Bob McDonnell outlined his administration's numerous transportation accomplishments, but pointed out that Virginia still faces many challenges in being able to "build the world class transportation system necessary for us to continue to be competitive."

He also said - 
  • "Further delay will only make addressing the problem more difficult."
  • "This is the time when a solution must be found."
  • And that he would "ask the General Assembly to not leave for home until they get the job done."

While offering no specifics, the Governor did say that he would introduce a "comprehensive transportation funding package" with a goal of generating "at least $500 million annually by 2019." The funding will be used to stop the drain of construction dollars to maintenance thus freeing up more construction funds.

The governor did not say whether these funds would be new or transferred from other sources, but he did say that additional details and specifics would be released in the coming weeks.
To read the Governor's press release, click here.