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Getting It Bass Ackwards 11.19.12
Getting it Bass Ackwards
"To overcome these (transportation) challenges, the TPB will develop
10-15 top priority strategies, such as increasing Metro capacity and
bringing highways and bridges into a good state of repair."

Economy Forward
COG's Call for a More Competitive Metropolitan Washington*
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
September 2012
In fact, a look at the region's transportation network shows that it is Metrorail that is most in need of being brought into a state of good repair and the region's highways and bridges that are most in need of increased capacity.

For too long the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB), COG, previous WMATA Boards of Directors, along with state and local government have fixated on expanding Metro capacity, while failing to heed Metro management's longstanding call for increased focus on Metro's obvious deteriorating condition.

This same fixation caused many of these same government entities to ignore the obvious need to increase highway and bridge capacity.

As a result, Metrorail declined into an alarming state of disrepair and the region's highway and bridge network surpassed Los Angeles' as the nation's most congested.

Fortunately, the current WMATA Board is supporting management in placing greatest emphasis in restoring and keeping Metro in a state of good repair.

Unfortunately, lack of political will continues to plague the highway side of the ledger.

*To read the entire report, click here.
Achieving World Class Transportation
Requires Real World Focus