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Dulles Rail Fiscal Re-Affirmation 10.22.12
Re-Affirming Dulles Rail's Fiscal Reality
"If nothing changes in the Silver Line's plan of finance, Northern
Virginians will soon be paying double-digit tolls on the Dulles Toll
Road. That is not speculation. It is a fact, shown by multiple
independent traffic forecasts and financial modeling. Excess costs
have been wrung out of the project budget. Low interest loans still
have to be paid back. There is only one way to materially moderate
those toll increases: additional outside funding from U.S. DOT and Virginia

October 2, 2012
Letter from Robert Brown, Member
Metropolitan Washington Airports
Authority Board of Directors
to U.S. Transportation Secretary
Ray LaHood

To read the entire letter, click here.
It's Time for Those That Have Termed Dulles Rail
a "Model for the Nation"
(US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood)
and Improved Dulles Airport Access
"Vital to Virginia's Economic Future"