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A Region Still at Risk 9.11.12
September 11, 2001 to September 11, 2012

A Region Still at Risk
Perhaps nothing better illustrates federal, state, regional and local transportation incompetence and neglect.  More than a decade after terrorists flew an airplane into the Pentagon (and nearly the Capital) little has been done to improve the national capital region's surface transportation network to facilitate the movement of area residents out of harms way in the event of a major homeland security emergency.
Despite the fact that this region houses all three branches of government and every national defense and intelligence agency, the federal government's response has been to adopt the slogan "shelter in place." Neither the executive branch nor Congress has made any effort to identify or address major chokepoints in the nation's most congested region that will most assuredly put area residents at great risk.
Maryland continues to be unable to fathom why more people might ever need to cross the Potomac River on new bridges.
Virginia officials continue to kick the transportation funding can down the road.
Regional bodies focus only on improving communications, ignoring the reality that gridlock will prevent emergency responders from responding.
Arlington continues to thwart I-66 and I-395 capacity enhancements that could save tens of thousands of lives.
Area officials continue to encourage resident to develop their own emergency evacuation plans. In other words, "You're on your own Pilgrim."
Will Those We Elect
Ever Act Before It's Too Late?