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Slip Sliding Away 7.23.12
Virginia's Global Competitiveness
Slip Sliding Away
As the I-495 Express Lanes and Dulles Rail Phase 1 near completion and Dulles Rail Phase 2 construction nears inception, Virginia's long-term transportation and economic outlooks are far from bright. Consider the following -


Transportation construction allocations trend - Downward
FY 2012  -- $2.25 billion
* FY 2013 --  $1.61 billion
* FY 2018 -- $1.02 billion
    (Source: FY 2012 and FY 2013-FY 2018 Commonwealth Transportation Fund)


Infrastructure and road quality trend - Downward
* Virginia dropped from 10th to 33rd...in a single year!
Per Capita Road Investment - Bottom Third
      * Virginia ranks 38th in per capita spending on roads ($430).
Given the projected transportation funding outlook, road quality and per capita spending face further declines and Virginia is destined to become less attractive to business...and families.
How Low Must Virginia's Transportation Investment Go
Before Virginia's Governor and Legislators
Provide New Long-Term Funding Needed
To Keep Virginia Globally Competitive?
(Limbo Lower Now?)