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Act Now: Last Call To Support Key I-66 Inside Beltway Improvement Reinstatement 7.12.12
Last Call
To Support Key I-66 Inside Beltway Improvement Reinstatement
Westbound I-66 inside the Beltway travelers benefit greatly from the difference the new lane between Ballston and Sycamore Street has made in reducing daily Ballston bottleneck.
On Wednesday, July 18th the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB) votes on whether to include Spot Improvement #2 (a new lane between the Sycamore St./Washington Blvd. exit and the Dulles Connector) in its FY 2013-18 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and thereby making it eligible for federal funds.
Funding is availableWith a favorable TPB vote this improvement can be under construction and open by the end of 2013.
But for this to happen the TPB must vote "yes." Several years ago the TPB voted to make this project ineligible for federal funds over a silly dispute regarding a VDOT study that had no bearing on the need for this improvement. The usual transportation obstructionist groups still oppose any I-66 widening.
That's why your support is so important. The public comment period ends July 14th so it's important to act now.
For a sample supportive email that can be edited and sent to the TPB, click here.
For a list of other Northern Virginia projects in the TIP that you might want to include in your message, click here.
Investing a Minute Now

Can Save You Hours Tomorrow 
Register Your Support for I-66 Spot #2 Today