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Bottle the Spirit! 7.16.12
The Spirit of
Dulles Rail Phase 2
Bottle It!
By any measure...

Dulles Rail Phase 1 and 2 symbolize what is achievable when business owners,
homeowners, public officials at all levels, Democrats and Republicans work together.
With a fairer funding structure/reduced burden on Dulles Toll Road users, Dulles Rail creates tremendous potential to grow the region's economy and consolidate land uses.

However, it alone does not end the region's transportation crisis.

Absent new Potomac River bridges and north-south links, as well as added capacity in the Routes 1, 7, 28 and other major corridors, plus bus rapid transit, the region's economy, land use and quality of life will suffer greatly.
As Dulles Rail celebrations continue, let's bottle and apply the spirit and energy that made it possible to other regionally significant transportation challenges.
Working Together We Can Still
Transform Our Transportation Network from
World's-Worst to World-Class